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[20101128. JNM Facebook GERD club case (3) posted on Dec 20, 2010]

This is the third of the GERD club case series.

The LA classification for endoscopic diagnosis of reflux esophagitis is very simple and useful. However, there are uncertain areas in the classification. Some patients have multiple short (<5 mm) non-confluent erosions on top of a longitutinal esophageal fold. If the individual erosions are less than 5 mm and the sum of the lengths are longer than 5 mm, what is the classification by LA method.

1. LA-A
2. LA-B
3. LA-C
4. LA-D
5. Others

My comment: Because members of the LA classification group did not mentioned this issue directly, there is no gold standard answer. In my opinion, LA-A means very mild case of reflux esophagitis. Multile short non-confluent erosions on top of a longitudinal fold usually suggest acid reflux more than that in patients with LA-A. My personal answer is LA-B.

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