[Esophageal submucosal tumor (SMT)]

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The majority of small esophageal SMTs are benign. When a small esophageal SMT is found for the first time, 1-2 biopsies are sufficient. When the esophageal SMT is smaller than 5 mm, no biopsy may be OK in some cases. If there is no significant change, you don't need to take biopsy in the follow-up.

The most common esophageal SMT is the leiomyoma of the far distal esophagus. They are benign.

r/o esophageal leiomyoma (histology is unavailable).

Most of the biopsies for esophageal SMTs are reported as normal esophageal mucosa. One rare exception is granular cell tumor.

Esophageal granular cell tumor