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[More caes of M3 esophageal cancer]

Muscularis mucosa involvement를 보였던 식도암 (M3) 내시경 사진을 몇 장 모아보았습니다. Superficial한 형태가 많았습니다.

드물게 protruded type인데도 depth of invasion이 muscularis mucosa로 나오는 경우가 있습니다.

Esophagus and upper stomach, Robotic 3-hole operation:
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma, moderately differentiated, middle thoracic esophagus :
1) invasive carcinoma size: 2.6x1.6 cm (exophytic growth)
2) carcinoma in situ size: 3.1 cm
3) extension to muscularis mucosae
4) endolymphatic tumor emboli: not identified
5) perineural invasion: not identified
6) resection margins: free from carcinoma. safety margin: proximal, 7.5cm ; distal, 7.5cm ; circumferential (adventitial) margin(deep), 0.8 cm
7) no metastasis in 19 regional lymph nodes (0/19: "7(Subcarinal)", 0/2; "Gastric lymph node 1", 0/1; "Gastric lymph node 2", 0/3; "Gastric lymph node 3", 0/8; "9L(Pulmonary ligament Left)", 0/0; "9R(Pulmonary ligament right)", 0/0; "Lt Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve lymph node", 0/4; "Rt Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve lymph node", 0/1)
8) treatment effect: no prior treatment