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[20120310. Complications of EMR/ESD (65): Bleeding (29) - aspirin (9) Compliance matters.]

Bleeding after ESD. 2022-10-16. 이준행

The clinical relevance of response variability to antiplatelet therapy라는 review에서 흥미로운 table을 보았습니다 (link1, link2).

Table 1. Main variables affecting the pharmacodynamic response to aspirin
Lack of compliance
Interaction of other NSAIDs with COX-1
Increased platelet turnover

요점은 clopidogrel drug response는 여러 요인이 관여하므로 환자별로 천차만별이지만, 아스피린 drug response는 compliance만 좋으면 비교적 일정하다는 것입니다.

아스피린 noncompliance에 대한 흥미로운 문헌을 하나 더 소개합니다 (Schwartz 2005). 요약을 옮깁니다.

"One hundred ninety patients with a history of myocardial infarction were evaluated using arachidonic acid-stimulated light aggregometry at 3 different time points: while receiving their usual daily aspirin, after not receiving aspirin for 7 days, and 2 hours after the observed ingestion of aspirin 325 mg. At the first time point, 17 patients (9%) failed to show aspirin inhibition of platelet aggregation, but 2 hours after observed aspirin ingestion, aspirin inhibition was observed in all but 1 patient."

아스피린을 투약하였으나 혈소판 기능이 잘 억제되지 않은 환자에게 강제로 약을 먹인 후 ("observed aspirin ingestion") 다시 검사하였더니 혈소판 기능이 잘 억제되었다는 것입니다. 비슷한 논문은 얼마든지 있습니다. 약을 잘 먹지 않는 환자가 많은 모양입니다.

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