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[대한외과학회 추계학술대회 위암관련 심포지엄]

1. (금요일 오전 8:00) Advanced endoscopy-related procedures

1) Various tips for intra-operative endoscopy in tumor localization (경상의대 정상호)

2) Experience of intra-operative ESD during sentinel navigation surgery (국립암센터 김찬규)

3) Experience of closed-LECS (Okayama U. Masahiko Nishizaki)

4) Endoscopy treatment for achalasia (Hong Kong U. Philip Chiu)

2. (금요일 오전 9:50) Basic for tumor immunology and immunotherapy in gastric cancer

1) Tumor immunology in gastric cacner for surgeon (연세의대 김형일)

2) Current and future pthology for immunotherapy in gastric cancer

3) Current status of immuno-oncology application for gastric cancer (서울대학교 분당병원 이근욱)

3. (토요일 오후 2시-3시 30분) Fusion session: 위암학회 + 대내복

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