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[Angiodysplasia 혈관이형성증]

Angiodysplasia는 멀리서 보면 붉은 점이지만, 접근하면 혈관이 확장된 형태가 명확히 관찰된다. 대부분 하얀 띠(halo)를 가지고 있다. 하나만 보이는 경우가 많지만 다발성도 적지 않다. 발생기전은 근육층을 통과하는 부위의 압력이 높아져 점막하 혈관이 확장된 것으로 설명되고 있다.

Pathogenesis of angiodysplasia (Boley et el. Am J Gastroenterol 1977;72:650)

[More cases of angiodysplasia]

Hemoglobin 3.7 까지 내려갔던 만성 빈혈 환자

우연히 발견된 angiodysplasia

NBI로 관찰하면 혈관은 검은 색으로 보인다. Halo는 더 명료해진다.

임상적으로 출혈을 보였던 증례. 매우 붉은 색이고 halo가 뚜렷하지 않았다.

매우 넓은 angiodysplasia. 조직검사: submucosal tortuous blood vessels and mucosal congestion strongly suggestive of angiodysplasia

Multiple small bowel andiodysplasia. 십이지장부위가 심하였기 때문에 상부내시경으로 argon plasma coagulation 시행함.

Small bowel angiodysplasia (capsule endoscopy)

Small bowel angiodysplasia (capsule endoscopy)

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Osler-Weber-Rendu disease)
- Autosomal dominant, ALK-1 mutation
- Recurrent epistaxia in childhood
- By age 10, GI bleeding in 50 %
- Severe hemorrhage is unusual before the fourth decade.
- Peak incidence of severe hemorrhage in the sixth decase.
- Melena >> hematochezia: telengiectasia in stomach and small intestine >> colon
- Telangiectasias in lips, oral, nasopharingeal membranes, tongue, and periungal areas, and liver
- Family history in 80 %
- Gross appearance: millet seed-size, cherry-red, smooth hillocks
- Mainly involves capillaries and venules >> arterioles: irregular, ectatic, tortuous blood spaces lined by a delicate single layer of endothelial cells and supported by a fine layer of fibrous connective tissue. No elastic laminar or muscular tissue in the vessels, so they cannot contract -- tend to bleed.
- In contrast to the thinned venules of angioectasias, venules are abnormally thick in HHT
- Tx. Estrogen, aminocaproic acid, endoscopic thermal ablation (APC etc), surgery

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