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[Expressions for associate editors]


It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "_____"


Your manuscript was evaluated by two reviewers in this field and our editorial team. As you can see from the reviewers' comments at the foot of this letter, revision was recommended.

An associate editor would also ask you to reponsed the following point to ensure that it is considered in your revised version.



Your manuscript, "___ " has been evaluated by two reviewers in this field and our editorial team. We regret that we are unable to accept the article in its present form; some of the reasons for this decision are outlined in the attached referee comments. I would like to thank you very much for forwarding your manuscript to us for consideration and wish you every success in finding an alternative place of publication.

[Editor kick]

We regert to inform you that your manuscript entitled "___" was not accepted for publication in Digestive Endoscopy. The manuscript was assessed by an associate editor and the Board of Editors. While this manuscript was well written, it scored low on priority for publication in the journal given increasing competition for space.

We receive far more manuscripts than our reviewers can handle and must reject some papers without formal review based on the priority for publication. We do appreciated our thoughtfulness in submitting your manuscript to the journal for publication.

[Techinical note로 변경 권유]

Your manuscript was reviewed by two external reviewers and an editorial board member. We regret to inform you that your manuscript entitled "_____" was not acceptable for publication as an original article in Digestive Endoscopy. Considering the new feasibility of your simulator model, it may be more adequate for "Letters, Techniques and Images" of Digestive Endoscopy. However, we cannot guarantee that the article as a new version will finally be accepted. We do appreciate your thoughtfulness for forwarding your manuscript to us for consideration.


As a pilot study, there are several limitations in this manuscript as stated in the comments to the Author section. However, in the aspect of the innovation, this manusript will have a chance of citation to many papers in the future.

The authors evaluated the efficacy of a new endoscopic assist device for ESD.There has some limitations using this system in real world. However, this apparatus is meaningful because it has sufficient potential for development.


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