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[Thiazide 이뇨제와 피부암] - End of document

[2020-10-25. 이준행 질문]

한교수님. 짧은 질문드립니다. Thiazide 이뇨제가 non-melanoma skin cancer 위험을 높인다고 하는데... 현재 어떻게 논의가 되고 있는지 궁금하다. 짧은 comment 부탁합니다.

[2020-10-26. 한주용 교수님 답변]

결론적으로는 계속 사용하라입니다. 다만 피부 보호에 신경쓰구요. FDA 입장의 요약은 다음과 같습니다.

An FDA Sentinel Initiative study found that the increased risk was mostly for squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). In the overall study population, the increased risk for SCC in patients on HCTZ was approximately one additional case per 16,000 patients per year.

In addition, treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer is typically local and successful, with very low rates of death. Meanwhile, the risks of uncontrolled blood pressure can be severe and include life-threatening heart attacks or stroke. Given this information, patients should continue to use HCTZ and take protective skin care measures to reduce their risk of non-melanoma skin cancer, unless directed otherwise from their health care provider.

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