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[Pentax Imagina Virtual Atlas (PIVA) project] - End of document

Case 1. Advanced gastric cancer, Borrmann type IV

Sex/age: F/49

Symptoms and signs: early fullness, weight loss

Endoscopic images:

Video clips:


Diagnosis and treatment: The endoscopic forceps biopsy result was poorly cohesive carcinoma. Abdominal CT images showed diffuse wall thickening mass of the stomach upper body and fundus with mild perigastric infiltation. The preoperative diagnosis was advanced gastric cancer, Borrmann type IV. Surgical consultation was done for exploratory laparotomy. However, there were multiple seeding nodules were found in the laparoscopy. Palliative chemotherapy was done.

Case 2. Cascade stomach

Sex/age: F/48

Symptoms and signs: no (screening endoscopy)

Endoscopic images:

Video clips:


Diagnosis and treatment: When the endoscope was introduced into the stomach, the lumen of the gastric body was seen at the upper right corner. After infusion of some air into the stomach, a ridge between the gastric fundus and upper body can be seen. The ridge runs from the posterior wall of the cardia toward the anterior wall of the stomach, crossing the greater curvature. When the stomach has a prominent ridge between the fundus and high body, it is called as the cascade stomach (CS). The clinical significance of CS is still uncertain.

Case 3. APC ablation for adenoma

Sex/age: M/68

Symptoms and signs: no (referred for the treatment of incidental gastric adenoma found in the screening endoscopy)

Endoscopic images:

Video clips:


Diagnosis and treatment: In the screening endoscopy, about 1.5cm sized ill-defined mucosal irregularity was found in the lesser curvature of the midbody. Background gastric mucosal was atrophic. The biopsy showed adenoma with low grade dysplasia. Ablation treatment using argon plasma coagulation apparatus was done. After the treatment, PPI was given for two weeks.

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