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[2nd SI-HUG symposium & 26th Annual Meeting of the Korean College of Helicobacter and Upper Gastrointestinal Research]

일시: 2018년 4월 13일 (금) - 14일 (토)

장소: 콘래드호텔 서울

1. 金 13:40-15:40. Asian forum: non-invasive diagnostic methods for H. pylori

2. H. pylori infection and gastric cancer

3. Meet the professor session - Truth and falsity of gastric cancer screening (Room A) - 이준행

4. How to prevent and mamage drug-induced GI injuries

5. Special conditions in drug-induced GI injury

6. Gastric microbial changes induced by drugs

7. Must know key-points on drug-induced GI injuries

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