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[StomachTODAY 039. Bronchogenic cyst]

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[2020-2-19. 애독자 질문]

35세 여성의 검진 내시경에서 cardia의 병소가 발견되었습니다. 조직검사는 acanthotic squamous epithelium, chronic inactive gastritis였고 CT 판독은 about 3 cm subepithelial tumor in gastric cardia, cystic nature (possibility, cystic subepithelial tumor of the stomach, r/o cystric mass in perigastric lesion with invasio of stomach)이었습니다. Wedge resection을 시행하였습니다.

Surgical pathology: consistent with bronchogenic cyst (2.8x2 cm)

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