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[SmallTODAY - 소장 질환 증례 토의]

031 Peritoneal lymphomatosis

030 CMV jejunitis

029 Duodenal cancer

028 Primary intimal sarcoma

027 EVAR graft insertion for Lt CIA-enteric fistula

026 Complicated enteric duplication cyst

025 Enteroscopy

024 Duodenal metastasis

023 Duodenal ulcers/erosions due to gastrinoma

022 Incidentally found lung cancer

021 Duodenal carcinoid treated by surgery

020 Aortic stent-induced aorto-enteric fistula

019 소아청소년 크론병에 대한 최연호 교수님 기사

018 소장 지방종에 의한 장중첩증

017 캡슐 내시경에서 발견되지 않았던 소장 mucinous adenocarcinoma

016 Neurofibromatosis with small bowel cancer

015 십이지장 궤양 협착 환자에서 늘 제2부를 관찰해야 하는가?

014 간농양과 십이지장의 fitula

013 췌장암 십이지장 침윤 Duodenal invasion of the pancreas cancer

012 Duodenal lymphoid hyperplasia

011 Small bowel Crohn's disease

010 Follicular lymphoma of the terminal ileum

009 Eosinophilic enteritis

008 T lymphoblastic lymphoma

007 Short bowel syndrome after obesity surgery

006 Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL, DLBL) 소장 림프종. Small bowel lymphoma

005 Follicular lymphoma

004 Isolated terminal ileum ulcer or erosion

003 AoV cancer or pancreas cancer

002 Burkitt lymphoma, terminal ileum

001 Capsule endoscopy PillCam SB3

[Small bowel disease cases before 2015]

Duodenal ulcer

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Salt and pepper erosions

Dieulafoy lesion

Recurrent embryonal sarcoma

Ampullary adenoma

Duodenal lymphoid hyperplasia

Duodenal carcinoid

Duodenal lymphangiectasia

Bouveret's syndrome

Duodenal cancer or benign tumor

Duodenal diverticulum

Small bowel GIST with discussion

Colon AV malformation

Henoch Schonlein (HS) purpura

Peutz-Jeghers syndrome

Myeloid sarcoma = granulocytic sarcoma

Duodenal findings of GVHD

Small bowel obstruction after kidney donation

Transient small bowel obstruction due to acute gastroenteritis



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