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[StomachTODAY 040. Gastric extrinsic compression due to splenomegaly by low grade lymphoma]

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70 years old female was referred due to gastric SMT-like lesion. On the high body posterior wall, just below the cardia, a 3cm sized protruded lesion was seen. Extrinsic compression due to spleen was suspected. In the CT, splenomegaly, retroperitoneal lymph nodes were found. In the blood chemistry, total protein and globulin were elevated.

In the PET, hyperemetablic lymph nodes in the right supraclavicular, bilateral mediastinal, both pulmonary hilar, upper abdominal, and retroperitoneal area with splenomegaly were found.

EBUS-transbronchial needle biopsy showed low grade B-cell lymphoma, favoring extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of MALT. Chemotherapy (RCVP) was done and the followup PET and blood chemistry were normalized.

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