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[KINGCA 2018]

일시: 2018년 4월 26일 (목) - 4월 28일 (토)

장소: 그랜드 워커힐 서울

[Education session 1] Basics for gastric cancer treatment - April 26 (Thu) 2018, 13:10-14:40

1) Pathologic classification of gastric cancer. 성균관대학교 김경미

2) Endoscopy and EUS findings of gastric cancer. 성균관대학교 이준행

3) Radiologic evaluation in gastric cacner. 국립암센터 김수진

4) Surgeon's perspective for preoperative preparation gastric cancer treatment. 대구가톨릭 채현동

[Symposium 11] ESD over a decade, long-term results and uprising issues  

1) ESD for mixed histology gastric cancer : more aggressive or not? 김지현 (연세대학교)

2) ESD for EGC at EG junction and remnant stomach : technical tips and outcome. 김광하 (부산대학교)

3) Metachronous recurrence after curative ESD for early gastric cancer. 김상균 (서울대학교)

4) A scoring system to stratify curability after ESD for early gastric cancer. Waku Hatta (Tohoku University, Japan)

[Symposium 12] Helicobacter, other gastric microbiota, and gastric cancer  

1) Effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication after subtotal gastrectomy. 김찬규 (국립암센터)

2) Helicobacter pylori-negative gastric caner. Sugano (Jichi University)

3) Human microbiome and gastric microbiota : current concept and its application. 김정목 (한양대학교)

4) Altered gastric microbiota after subtotal gastrectomy. Chun-Ying Wu (Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)


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