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[목요점심내시경집담회 2018년 8월까지의 기록] - End of document

2018년 8월까지의 기록입니다. 최근 schedule은 Thursday_schedule.html를 참고하세요.


20180802 Single topic conference - 고위험 환자의 내시경 (김태준)

20180524 - Behcet's colitis 베체 장염 궤양

20180517 - Lymphofollicular gastritis

20180510 - Rectal carcinoid with lymph node metastasis

20180426 - Adenocarcinoma with focal neuroendocrine differentiation, GIST with hepatic metastasis, Antral type Borrmann type IV

20180412 - 폐흡충, Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the esophagus, Duodenal carcinoid, Traditional serrated adenoma

20180405 - 고령 Hp 음성 MALToma, Appendicitis, Adenoma with HGD arising from hyperplastic polyp

20180329 Single topic conference - Gastric SET (민병훈 교수님 특강)

20180322 - MALToma (첫 내시경에서 위궤양으로 평가되었으나 추적내시경에서 MALT 림프종으로 진단된 증례), Colon LST, Ulcerative proctitis, Cecal lymphoma

20180308 Capsule endoscopy (김태준 교수님 특강)

20180222 - Secondary amyloidosis (rheumatoid arthritis), CMV esophagitis, Borrmann type 4 AGC

20180208 - X-linked agammaglobulinemia 환자에서 발견된 위암, Adenosquamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus with SM invasion and lymph node metastasis , BGU-like EGC , EGC-like AGC

20180201 - 안전한 내시경 - 고위험환자 내시경을 중심으로. Safe Endoscopy (이준행)

20180125 - Single topic conference (constipation, 변비) - 민양원

20180111 - 우연히 발견된 isolated gastric amyloidosis, GIST, 십이지장 mucinous adenocarcinoma

20180104 - 신장 이식 환자의 hematochezia로 시행한 sigmoidoscopy에서 발견된 S colon의 CMV colitis, Rapidly growing stomach T cell lymphoma, Forceps biopsy로 확인된 하부식도 leiomyoma


20171221 - Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Borrmann type IV-like lymphoma, Anastomosis site recurrence after AGC surgery, Crohn's disease

20171214 - Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Colon cancer SM invasion

20171207 - Herpetic esophagitis + CMV gastric ulcer (간이식 환자), EGC (M/42), 장결핵

20171130 - Colon cancer SM invasion, Superficial spreading type EGC, Anal adenocarcinoma

20171109 - Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma, Isolated gastric amyloidosis, Cecal MALToma, Lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) with anal metastasis, Neurofibromatosis with small bowel adenocarcinoma

20171102 - Melanoma metastosis to stomach

20171019 - AGC, Duodenal adenoma or ampullary adenoma, Amebic colitis

20171012 (29)- 이정민. Quiz 문제 풀이와 '하부위장관 review article 발표 (Molecular pathway in colorectal cancer)'로 진행합시다. 원래 10월 16일 월요일에 발표하려고 하였던 것.

20170928 - Single topic conference : Endoscopic approch to enteric nutrition (PEG를 중심으로) - 김은란 교수님

20170921 - Tuberculous (TB) laryngitis with lymphadenitis, AGML + Dieulafoy ulcer bleeding, EGC (첫 내시경과 두번째 내시경), Rectal MALToma, Multiple gastric ulcers due to CMV gastritis in a CRF patient (on warfarin)

20170914 - FD 환자에서 우연히 발견된 자궁 clear cell carcinoma, 류마티스 관절염 환자의 베체 장염, Paraesophageal hernia in Marfan syndrome, Sentinel node navigation surgery for gastric cancer

20170907 - RS junction schwannoma, Barrett adenocarcinoma mimicking sentinel polyp, rative colitis

20170831 - Single topic conference : 증례로 살펴보는 안전한 내시경 - 발표: 박재근 (지도교수: 김은란)

20170824 - 날문 함몰형 papillary adenoarcinoma, Malignant GIST with liver metastasis, Ectopic pancreas, Terminal ileum Crohn's disease, Current status of the endoscopic diagnosis for upper GI neoplasia in Japan (Daisuke Kikuchi, Toranomon hospital, Tokyo)

20170817 - Small bowel Crohn's disease, AGC, 인후부 해부학과 몇몇 질환, Transient duodenal lymphangiectasia

20170810 - Rectal GIST, Actinomycosis, Colon lymphoma, Ampulla of Vater cancer

20170803 - EGC, Superficial esophageal cancer after subtotal gastrectomy for gastric cancer, RT-induced esophagitis, 내시경 소독 동영상

20170727 - Duodenal cancer, FAP suspected by rare subtype of thyroid cancer (Cribriform-morular variant), Rectal neuroendocrine tumor, Rectal cancer

20170720 - Rectal serrated adenoma (3.5cm), AGC 깊이 예측, 조직검사 음성 AGC Borrmann type IV, 길고 깊은 위암

20170713 - Gastric neuroendocrine tumor (NET), DLBCL, Esophageal varix, 십이지장암 review

20170706 - Gastric varix, AGC Borrmann type IV with colonic invasion, GAVE, Colon cancer (AMI after stopping antiplatelets), 표재성 식도암 review

20170629 - Gastric amyloidosis, Borrmann type IV, EGC IIc, EGC IIb, Lekage after total gastrectomy for AGC B-IV, EGC (mucosal cancer), Duodenal carcinoid

20170622 - Hyperlastic polyp, Esophageal candidiasis after subtotal gastrectomy, MALToma, Colon cancer from adenoma

20170615 - ESD for EGC, Pyloric gland adenoma, Cardia EGC in the background of Barrett's esophagus

20170608 - Delayed bleeding after gastric ESD, Adenoma with HGD, Metachronous gastric cancer (deep SM invasion, lymphatic positive), Early gastric cancer, Early colon cancer

20170601 - CVR로 결과 알리기 (메일을 보내드립시다). Amyloidosis in Behcet colitis, BGU, Fundic gland polyps

20170525 - Duodenal NET, Braun anastomosis, Borrmann type IV AGC, EGC after Ivor Lewis operation for esophageal cancer, Rectal SMT, 복부 결핵성 림프절염의 십이지장 침윤

20170518 - Gallstones in the stomach due to gastrocholecystic fistula, Cardia cancer, EGC (반응성 융기), 크론병

20170511 - Achalasia, EGC, A-colon LST, BGU, Esophageal papilloma, Peripheral T cell lymphoma of the stomach

20170504 - Pyloric ring ulcer, Hp (+) and NSAID (-), EG junction cancer (SCC) + stage IV lung cancer (adenocarcionma), EGC, Colon cancer + EGC, Ulcerative colitis of the rectum and sigmoid colon, 30대

20170427 - Double primary cancer (?), AGC Borrmann type IV with pseudopyloric ring, Reflux esophagitis with ulcer and stricture, Sliding hiatal hernia, Colon cancer, Diffuse large B cell lymphoma

20170420 - EGC (deep SM) with lymph node metastasis, Ischemic colitis, Remnant gastric cancer, CMV gastritis, Radiation proctitis with bleeding

20170413 - Gastric cancer with multiple metastasis, Pill esophagitis, EGC IIc (Deformity after electrocauterization), EGC, Colon cancer, intestinal tuberculosis

20170406 - Herpetic esophagitis, Female 17. Abdominal discomfort and epigastric soreness (AGC Borrmann type IV with peritoneal seeding), GAVE, Rectal neuroendocrine carcioma with multiple liver metastasis, Colon hemangioma

20170330 - Gastric cancer with spine metastasis, Esophageal candidiasis, BGU, Metachronous EGC after ESD for EGC, Lymphoma of the terminal ileum during screening colonoscopy, LST - sessile serrated adenoma

20170323 - EVL due to cirrhosis realated with porphyria (erythropoietic protoporphyria ?), Achalasia, Periampullary cancer (most likely duodenal cancer), Borrmann type IV with small ulcer, Capsule 내시경 (홍성노)

20170316 - Stomach involvement by the recurrent mass after surgery (left trisectionectomy) for hilar cholangiocarcinoma 6 years ago, Lipoma, AGML, Gastric adenoma with HGD, Gastric MALToma, Sigmoid volvulus

20170309 - 내시경 기기 사용 교육 - ESU (electrosurgical unit)를 중심으로

20170302 - 전산 및 내시경 판독 결과 입력 교육 (김은란)

20170223 - Adenoma in the remnant stomach, Sloughing esophagitis due to dabigatran, EGC IIb + III, Intestinal tuberculosis, Blind area in colonoscopy

20170216 - EGJ cancer (Barrett's adenocarcinoma), EGC-like AGC, Local recurrence after total gastrectomy for gastric cancer, Ampulla of Vater cancer, Colon DLBCL, ESD for esophageal cancer after EVL in LC patient

20170209 - Squamous cell carcinoma in the remnant esophagu after Ivor-Lewis operation, AGC, Appendicitis, Cap polyposis, Peripheral T cell lymphoma, NOS

20170202 - Early gastric cancer, Superficial esophageal cancer, Mantle cell lymphoma, Pseudomembranous colitis

20170126 - Radiation-related esophagitis, Multiple synchronous cancer missed at the initial endoscopy, TB colitis, Hemorrhagic rectal ulcer syndrome

20170119 - Intussusception due to colon lipoma, Duodenal cancer with peritoneal seeding, Neuroendocrine carcinoma of ampulla of Vater involvement th multiple liver metastasis, Diffuse large B cell lymphoma

20170112 - EGC-like AGC, Localized colon amyloidosis, Gastric metastasis from malignant melanoma, Gastic lymphoma (DLBCL)

20170105 - 베체 장염 (A colon), Lipoma (A colon), DLBCL of the gastric fundus, AGC


20161229 - Remnant gastric cancer (recurrent), Glomus tumor, AGC, Borrmann type IV

20161222 - Small signet ring cell carcinoma with peritoneal seeding and ovarian metastasis, Corrosive esophagogastroduodenitis, Upper esophageal diverticulum, HCC with colonic invasion

20161215 - EGC IIc + III, Gastric cancer recurrence with colonic obstruction, Colon hemangioma

20161208 - CMV gastritis, EGC-like MALToma, Rectal MALToma

20161201 - Colon MALToma, AGC after ESD for EGC, CMV, EGC proctocolitis

20161117 - Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, EGC, Rectosigmoid cancer (signet ring cell carcinoma) with multiple metastasis

20161110 - MALT lymphoma resistent to H. pylori eradication and radiation treatment (RT), Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, t-ileum and cecum, Endoscopic biopsy negative Borrmann type IV, Viral esophagitis, Single erosion-like EGC (after Ivor Lewis operation for esophageal cancer, gastric tube cancer)

20161103 - EGC, ESD for EGC at cardia (애독자 조수정 선생님 편지), Mucinous adenocarcinoma, cecum and appendix

20161027 - EGC (WHYX type), GAVE (gastric antral vascular ectasia), Remnant gastric cancer with gastritis cystica profunda, CMV esophagitis after CCRT for small cell lung cancer, S-colon cancer

20161020 - Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the stomach, DALM in ulcerative colitis, AGC (r/o localized Borrmann type IV), Colonic metastatis from lung (adenoid cystic carcinoma)

20161013 - Borrmann type IV gastric cancer, Herpetic esophaigtis, Gastric cancer with peritoneal seeding (also MALT lymphoma (+) in biopsy specimen)

20161006 - EGC IIa + IIc, Local recurrence after ESD for EGC (EGC with SM invasion, mixed histology), Local recurrence after esophageal cancer surgery, DLBCL after liver transplantation, Cardia cancer

20160929 - EGC, Metastasis to the stomach from the lung cancer, Esophageal candidiasis + CMV gastritis, Duodenal adenocarcinoma arising from duodenal adenoma

20160922 - Cardia cancer, Borrmann type IV AGC, CMV esophagitis, Acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer syndrome (AHRUS)

20160908 - Rectal sparing UC, Pneumatosis intestinalis, MALT lymphoma, EGC

20160901 - Esophageal cancer, mimicking AGC, Recurred uterine cervical cancer withe rectal wall invasion, Fundic gland polyposis, Gastric MALToma, Borrmann type IV

20160825 - Amebic colitis, Pancreas cancer with duodenal invasion and gastric compression, Esophageal cancer recurrence, Neuroendocrine tumors, Benign gastric ulcer

20160818 - Sloughing esophagitis (= exfoliative esophagitis = esophagus dissecans superficialis, EDS) in dabigatran user, Borrmann type IV, BGU of the fundus, Mantle cell lympoma of the terminal ileum, Colon mucosal cancer (LST type)

20160811 - Gastric neuroendocrine tumor, Ulcerative EGC (mimicking BGU), AGC at high body lesser curvature, Asymptomatic gastric anisakiasis, Colon cancer.

20160804 - EGC (initially negative biopsy after referral for biopsy-proven gastric cancer), MALT lymphoma, Circumferential heterotopic gastric mucosa, Esophageal stricture due to reflux esophagitis, AGC

20160728 - Ulcerative type cancer with irregular surrounding mucosal surface, Esophageal papilloma (s/p total gastrectomy), BGU-like ulcerative type EGC, Colon diverticulum, mimicking SMT, Colon LST

20160721 - Bleeding from SMT during follow-up, AGML, Ampulla of Vater cancer during anemia workup, Colon mucosal cancer arising from adenoma

20160714 - BGU + EGC, Simple ulcer syndrome, Aggravation of ulcerative colitis due to CMV infection

20160707 - Local recurrence 2 years after total gastrectomy, Remnant gastric cancer, Recurred HCC with stomach invasion

20160630 - Early gastric cancer, MALToma, Intestinal tuberculosis, Fundus early gastric cancer type I

20160616 - CMV colitis after liver transplantation, Recurrence after ESD for EGC, Neuroendocrine carcinoma in the remnant stomach, Nonspecific cecal ulcer in IC valve

20160602 - Gastric neuroendocrine tumor, Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Rectal endometriosis, Esophageal neuroendocrine carcinoma mixed with adenocarcinoma

20160526 - Corrosive esophagitis, 편충, 베체트 장염, 위용종 같은 위암, 보만 4형 진행성 위암 (십이지장 invasion)

20160519 - 무증상 칸디다증, Inflammatory fibrinoid polyp, 위선종과 구분이 어려운 위암, 위암으로 오인하였던 위궤양, A colon LST

20160512 - Hiatal hernia, Borrmann type IV, 결핵성 장염, 원발성 혹은 전이성 대장암

20160428 - EGC (signet ring cell carcinoma), Peptic ulcer perforation, Anastomosis site stricture, Ampulla of Vater adenoma, Ovarian cancer metastasis to the colon

20160421 - Mucosal cancer with lymph node metastasis, Cowden syndrome, Colon tuberculosis, MALToma

20160414 - 식도암. 식도 흑색종. 조기위암. Radiation proctitis, Appendiceal mucoceal, gastric syphilis

20160407 - Change of EGC morphology probably by PPI, Pylorus에 닿아있는 진행성 위암, 8년전 hilar mass (diffuse large B cell lymphoma)로 항암치료 받던 환자의 gastric recurrence, EGC SM invasion, Actinomycosis

20160331 - Herpetic esophagitis after total gastrectomy, Atypical regenerating glands in BGU, Duodenal adenocarcinoma

20160324 - Sigmoidoscopy, Adenoma with HGD, Superficial esophageal cancer, MALToma, Duodenal cancer, Rectal carcinoid

20160317 - Cardia cancer, Ischemic colitis, ESG, Tubureculous colitis, GIST

20160310 - 식도정맥류, 위지방종, 조기위암, NSAID 사용자의 위궤양, Pseudomembraneous colitis

20160303 - Sentinel polyp. 양성 위궤양 A1, Signet ring cell carcinoma, MALToma, Ischemic colitis

20160225 - 위궤양 출혈, 보만 4형 진행성 위암, Bleeding으로 내원한 GIST, Low grade mucinous neoplasm of the appendix, Stomach metastasis of the terminal ileum DLBCL

20160218 - 헤르페스 식도염, 역류성 식도염, 위암, 장결핵

20160211 - Adenoma with HGD, Peptic ulcer, GIST, Behcet's disease

20160204 - life cycle of gastric cancer, mucinous adenocarcinoma, Poorly-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (G3) , Signet ring cell carcinoma of the rectum, eosinophilic colitis

20160128 - Papillary adenocarcinoma, diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Rectal cancer anal involvement, Sigmoid colon cancer with bladder invasion

20160121 - Esophageal cancer special

20160114 - Borrmann type 4 AGC, diffuse large B cell lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, eosinophilic colitis

20160107 - Lymphoblastic lymphoma, phlegmonous gastritis, mucormycosis, amyloidosis


20151231 - EGC-like AGC, mantle cell lymphoma, Burkitt lymphoma, acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer syndrome

20151224 - EGC classification

20151217 - Gastric hamartomatous polyp, Rectal flat serrated adenoma, Cap polyposis

20151210 - Hyperplatic polyp, Rectal GIST, Blue rubber breb nevus syndrome, 식도암의 위전이

20151203 - MALT lymphoma, CMV gastritis, Remnant gastric cancer, Tb colitis

20151126 - Superficial spreading EGC, Behcet colitis, Crohn's disease

20151119 - Huge gastric GIST, Colon cancer with SM invasion

20151112 - Rectal neuroendocrine carcinoma with liver metastasis, Rectal MALToma, Duodenal neuroendocrine tumor

20151029 - Fundus EGC, duodenal follicular lymphoma, Amebic colitis, 식도 이물 (고기, 생선가시)


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